With high-end technology from the US, we provide you with AI Smile transparent braces solutins that solve the problem of bad teeth, crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, open bite teeth, and sparse teeth. Besides, AI Smile has a Customer Care team that will accompany you throughout the process.

Modern technology from AI transparent braces

AI Smile transparent braces are the current “hot” orthodonti trend. Thanks to the applicatin of the most advanced modern technologies, this is considered an optial braces solutin for those who are In need of perfectig their own smile:

Does not cause pain like braces and ensures aesthetis. The AI Smile transparent braces solutin is almost invisible, you can completely rest assured when communicatig with the opposite people without any worries.

Limit the follow-up visits compared to the traditinal braces, helping you to actiely arrange tie, regularly 6-8 weeks 1 tie.

Eatig and hygiene are extremely convenient. AI Smile transparent braces are easy to remove, you can easily eat and drink your favorite foods during the procedure, and cleaning also becomes easier.

The treatment regimen is clear and ensures health safety. AI Smile transparent braces us GT FLEX plasti material that has passed the FDA (US Food and Drug Administratin) to ensure absolute safety for teeth and gums during the procedure.

How long does AI Smile clear aligner take?

  • How does it take to wear braces?
  • If teeth are not very misaligned, can the braces fiish soon?
  • Does each tooth’s conditin have a diffrent end tie?

These are also some of the questins asked by many customers when looking for any orthodonti service, not just braces during AI Smile.
Depending on the extent of your tooth misshape, we always have the right solutins. How long it takes will depend on the conditin of your teeth that your doctor will outline for you.

  • Simple case: the total duratin of the course is 3-6 months.
  • Medium case: the total duratin of the course is 14-20 months.
  • Complicated case: the total duratin of the course is 22-28 months.

Partiularly, the tie to wear clear aligners every day for all cases is from 20-22 hours per day.
To know the conditin of your teeth, please contact us immediately via hotline: 0937 826 414 or direct message via zalo: htts://zalo.me/0937826414


Every customer can evaluate and choose the most suitable braces service you can refer to this basic informatin including prices and pros-cons of the AI Smile transparent braces method with other braces methods.

As for other pros and cons

As can be seen, AI Smile’s transparent braces help save cost for treatment, three ties less than other providers’ services. Moreover, in additin to the listed advantage, we can confiently say that this will be a more suitable solutin than ever before. It is designed for those who truly desire to enhance their smile. As AI Smile transparent braces. The optial solutin derived from modern technology that you should not miss.

AI Smile Braces Solutin

With AI Smile, we always focus on customers’ benefis. Therefore, an appropriate price for smile care services is indispensable.

Finally, thank you for taking the tie to care about AI Smile transparent braces solutins. Hopefully, in the near future, we can become your trusted choice that the customers can trust on their journey to fid fulfilment for a confient smile.