When you introduce AI Smile to others, your referred customers will receive a discount of 500,000 VND of the total treatment fee, and you will receive 1,000,000 VND immediately aftr the referred customer pays 30% of the braces cost.

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    1. Reward Policy:

    • The reward policy is divided into the following tirs:
    LevelThe number of customers introducedCommission
    1The fist case1.000.000 vnđ/ case
    2Under 3 cases1.500.000 vnđ/ case
    3From 3 to 5 cases1.600.000 vnđ/ case
    4From the 6th case1.800.000 vnđ/ case
    • Note: Unlimited time
    • Collaborator ranking and benefits for customers referred by Collaborators are as follows:
    LevelThe number of customers introducedBenefitsCollaborator’s benefits
    1Under 10 cases A 500,000 VND discount for all customers referred by a Level 1 Collaborator.
    2From 10-20 casesA cash reward of 1 million VND for the 10th referral case + a 10% discount on all services for the Collaborator and one family member.A 1 million VND discount for all customers referred by a Level 2 Collaborator + a 10% discount on other services.
    3Over 20 casesA cash reward of 1 million VND for the 20th referral case + a 10% discount on all services for the Collaborator and one family member + partiipatin in company trips and other events. 

    Note: Collaborators have a 6-month period to advance in rank. After 6 months, if a Collaborator has not achieved the required number of referrals to move up in rank, the number of referred customers will be recalculated at the initil level of that rank.

    For example: Aftr 6 months from the date of signing the Collaborator Agreement, Collaborator A has referred 18 customers to the dental clinic. At the end of the 6-month period, if Collaborator A stil hasn’t reached the required number of referrals to move up to Level 3, the company will consider Collaborator A at Level 2 with a recalculated number of referred customers, which will be 10. Collaborator A will then have another 6 months to advance.

    In the case where Collaborator A has referred over 20 customers within 6 months, when the 6-month period ends, Collaborator A will maintain Level 3 and contiue referring new customers to the company. To maintain the Level 3 benefis, Collaborator A needs to have at least one successful braces case confimed by the company from a new customer. If Collaborator A does not have any newly confimed successful cases for 3 consecutie months, they will no longer enjoy the Level 3 benefis and will revert to Level 2.

    • Sharing and allocatin of Collaborator benefis:
    • Collaborators have the right to share or allocate their benefis to their referred customers.
    • Collaborators have two ways to receive commissions from the company:
    • Receiving bonuses through account deposits on the 10th to 15th of each month.
    • Convertig bonuses within the policy to use company services will have a 20% discount on the service prices (not applicable with other promotins).

    2. Applicatin conditins:

    • For braces cases valued at 29 million VND or more, referred by Collaborators, it will be considered as a successful referral and the mentined rewards will apply. For other services besides braces, if the value is over 29 million VND, it will be counted as a successful braces case.
    • For other services besides braces with a value below 29 million VND, referred by Collaborators, a 5% discount will be applied to the total value of that braces case, and it will not be considered as a successful referral for the mentined rewards.
    • Collaborators must provide customer informatin to the clinic, including name and phone number, before the customer arrives for the referral to be counted.
    • Services will be considered successful and commission will be calculated for Collaborators when customers referred by them make a payment of 30% of the total amount due.
    • Applied period: The Collaborator policy is valid unti June 30, 2023. For Collaborators who have signed the contract before June 30, 2023, their rights and obligatins will contiue according to the policy and contract they have signed. For Collaborators who sign the Collaborator contract aftr June 30, 2023, they will be subject to the new benefis and policies of the company.