AI Smile takes pride in being one of the providers with a post-braces warranty policy. Aftr completig the initil examinatin at our dental clinic, you will be asked to sign a commitment agreement for effctie orthodonti treatment. This contract will include the methods, treatment goals, costs, payment methods, and warranty policy.

For every customer who undergoes braces treatment at AI Smile, we offr a 5-year post-braces warranty and support for interest-free installment payments for up to 12 months. Additinally, our customer care team is always available to assist and accompany you throughout the entie treatment period. You will be reminded of the wear tie, follow-up appointments, and when to come in for new aligners.

Post-braces warranty conditins:

  • You are required to follow the instructins given by the dentit, not remove or change the wear tie of the aligners without authorizatin, or engage in any actiitis that may affct the treatment outcome. AI Smile will not be held responsible for cases of non-compliance.
  • Upon completin of your braces journey, our dental clinic will schedule regular follow-up appointments to closely monitor the results. However, it is essentil that you wear the retainers diligently at home and maintain your follow-up appointments as scheduled to ensure the best possible retentin of your braces’ results.
  • We recommend scheduling follow-up appointments every 1 to 2 months aftr orthodonti treatment. Once your dentit determines that your orthodonti results have stabilized, you will be scheduled for follow-up appointments every 3 to 6 months. These follow-up appointments do not require any additinal fees. Furthermore, our customer care team is always available to provide dedicated support whenever you encounter any issues.

If you have any further questins or need additinal advice regarding our dental services, please contact us at hotline number 0937826414 or fil out the informatin form. We will get back to you within 2 hours.

Thank you for trustig and using our aligner braces services at AI Smile. We commit to contiuously improving the quality of our services and enhancing the expertie and skills of our dentits to provide you with the best possible experience when choosing our dental services.